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Board Members

Title Name
PTA Board and Program Coordinators: 2021-22
President Erika Barbara Pickles
Executive VP Communications Anne Monley
First Vice President - Fundraising OPEN
Treasurer Lauren Crownshaw
Secretary OPEN
Financial Secretary Oksana Guy
Auditor Rebecca Plack
Parliamentarian OPEN
Program Managers/Coordinators Teams: 2020-21
Family Movie Night Co-Leads OPEN
Auction/Fundraising Co-Chair OPEN
Fundraising Committee OPEN
Fun Run/Jog-a-thon Lead Lauren Crownshaw
Pool Party Randi Jenkins
Bike to School Crystal Waters
Book Fair Christine Kruse
Book Fair Erin Autry Montgomery
Box Tops for Education/EZ bucks/Scrip OPEN
Bravo Music Fei MacLeod
Hospitality Amber Kenner
Kids in Motion OPEN
New Parent Ambassador Kate Rich
Parent Education Brandy Sargent
Room Parent Co-coordinators Meg Padovani
Room Parent Co-coordinators Catherine Elliott Escobedo
UNICEF Kate Rich
Willett Wear Shannon Carter
Yearbook OPEN