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Programs & Activities

Battle of the Books

Battle-of-the-Books is a library program for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Battles are held in the late spring.

Students form their own teams of four members each. All teams register in the library and must have teacher signatures. The librarian selects 8 titles that will be read by all teams. Titles are not announced until the program is activated. Battles are scheduled allowing 6-8 weeks for reading time. At the battles, questions from each book are asked. Teams decide on a group answer. The highest scoring four teams then meet other highest scoring teams from Patwin and Chavez elementary schools. These three schools exchange titles for a total of six books for Battle questioning.

Challenge Club

Get your sneakers on – it’s Challenge Club Time!

Challenge Club is an after-school run/walk program for primary grade students (grades 1-3). The program challenges these students to walk/run 50 miles by the date of the Annual Willett Fun Run. Challenge Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the field from 2:35-3:05. Students will be dismissed to the quad, please wait for your child there. Only authorized volunteers will be permitted at the field. Students must have a permission slip to participate (see website forms section). This prgram is sponsored by PTA and supported by teachers: Mrs. Inouye and Ms. Upcraft, Ms. Durst, and Ms. Didas. Look out for more information regarding the start of this program in Who's News. If you have questions or are interested in helping, please contact Kris Inouye at or Lindsay Upcraft at .




Willett Chorus

Children in grades 3 to 6 are invited to join the Willett Chorus. Look out for more information from the chorus director, retired teacher, Claudia Krich. No singing experience or ability is required to join Willett Chorus. It is for fun and to appreciate music and singing. Singing in a chorus also increases learning energy and focus in school.

Chorus members will have some opportunities for solo and small group singing in concerts, by audition. The chorus has a number of performances in the fall and the spring.

When is chorus?
Wednesdays and most Fridays, before school (Note: This may change back to Thursdays as it has been in the past. If it does, chorus parents will be told.)

Email or phone the director, Claudia Krich.   530-848-3230


Garden of Learning

The PTA-sponsored Garden of Learning program is a weekly garden lesson for grades 1 through 3. Each week, parent volunteers help students learn many gardening skills as they dig, plant, harvest and compost. The program is also emphasizing the garden-to-table connection.

The Garden of Learning program maintains several gardens on campus: the Edibles Garden, the Children's Garden, the Wildlife Garden and the California Native Garden, in addition to maintaining school planter boxes. Help is also needed with garden maintenance to be done on your own schedule.

This program also reduces teacher-to-student ratio when half the class is taken out to the lesson.

Students and parents also make scarecrows, prepare delicious food, and create crafts. Nutrition, biology and math skills are emphasized in various lessons. We have also developed our own unique gardening lessons at Willett, including units on wildlife-friendly gardens for butterflies, beneficial insects and birds. Click here to see the winter schedule of gardening events.