Principal: Heidi Perry | 1207 Sycamore Lane | Davis, CA 95616 | Phone: 530-757-5460

Programs & Activities

Garden of Learning

The PTA-sponsored Garden of Learning program is a weekly garden lesson for grades 1 through 3. Each week, parent volunteers help students learn many gardening skills as they dig, plant, harvest and compost. The program is also emphasizing the garden-to-table connection.

The Garden of Learning program maintains several gardens on campus: the Edibles Garden, the Children's Garden, the Wildlife Garden and the California Native Garden, in addition to maintaining school planter boxes. Help is also needed with garden maintenance to be done on your own schedule.

This program also reduces teacher-to-student ratio when half the class is taken out to the lesson.

Students and parents also make scarecrows, prepare delicious food, and create crafts. Nutrition, biology and math skills are emphasized in various lessons. We have also developed our own unique gardening lessons at Willett, including units on wildlife-friendly gardens for butterflies, beneficial insects and birds. Click here to see the winter schedule of gardening events.


Kids in Motion Fitness

Kids in Motion is a physical education program at Willett. This program is designed to provide 30 minutes of continuous physical activity for students in grades 1-6 once a week. Students will focus on cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, balance and coordination, and sports-related skills. Please consider volunteering in your child’s classroom for one hour each week. No experience or athletic ability needed. Lesson plans and equipment will be provided.

This program also reduces teacher-to-student ratio when half the class is taken out to the lesson.


Parent Education

The Davis elementary school PTAs have joined forces to present parent education programs. Watch Who's News for parent ed programs. Willett's Parent Ed Coordinator is Abby Koenig